About Us

Co-Owners, Jessica Ann Paisley and Reina Montoya began teaching together eight years ago. In 2015 they decided to open Dreamworks Preschool. Their priority is to provide an established environment where all children have the opportunity to learn and work together in a school setting, be confident that their individual wants and needs are important to us, and most importantly love their new experiences and learning!

The Director, Jessica Ann, has a Bachelor and Masters degree in Early Childhood Education. She is also one of the teachers and works with the children hands-on everyday.

Through her education and experience, she has seen and learned the benefits of a home school settings. The transition from home to school influences/impacts young children in many ways. Understandebly, it takes children time to adjust to an unfamiliar environment. Her priority is to make this transition easy and comfortable for each child. When they are comfortable in their new setting they are able to flourish and thrive in all learning areas. Her passion is for children to succeed without pressure. The best part of a day is seeing a student say “I did it”, no matter what they achieved, it’s beautiful.

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Our goals are helping your child develop a love of learning, give them opportunities to develop skills through hands on experience, and provide them information on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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