Our Pre-kindergarten Program allows children to explore concepts that will prepare them when they enter Kindergarten. The curriculum focuses on familiarity and improvement with cognitive and language skills. Teachers guide them through work samples and activities that will reinforce their learning.

Learning how to write their names can help children familiarize with letters in their name and the sounds it makes. This is one of the first tasks that they will learn in the Pre-kindergarten Curriculum. Additionally, they will also have a grasp on the proper way of holding a pencil and the correct format of writing.

Memorizing the alphabet makes phonics learning easier and more accurate. We conduct learning activities that support the teaching of uppercase and lowercase letters. Through illustration, flashcards, and video material, they will gradually be able to differentiate different letters.

Language Arts is an integral part of our Pre-kindergarten Curriculum. Here, we reinforce identifying letters and their matching sound (phonics) by using known words as representation. These are sight words or words that children easily recognize, as it often appears in books, media, or everyday life.

We also engage children in reading and writing activities, such as storytelling, in their own words. Consequently, they learn how to formulate answers when asked questions about the topic.

The mathematics curriculum involves basic mathematical concepts that children can quickly grasp. Constructive play develops children’s skills in recognizing and creating patterns, which is a building block in mathematics learning. It also includes sorting and organizing objects by various attributes such as color, shape, and size. Furthermore, they will learn basic addition and subtraction and recognize numbers up to 30.

Our Pre-kindergarten Curriculum also hones children’s skills in other preparatory subjects. What they will learn are essential foundations as they progress in their education.

  • Arts and Music: We provide a space for children to express themselves through art tools and music. These activities teach them different elements of visual arts that benefit their development. 
  • Health and Physical Education: We will introduce the topic of health to children through songs, illustrated books, and animated videos. They will also engage in free and guided play that will introduce them to sports and physical education.
  • Social Studies: This includes identifying different family members, learning about the community, and recognizing different jobs. Here, they will also learn about different cultural practices and holidays, etc.
  • Science: Children are natural observers; they ask a lot of questions and are curious about many things. By performing simple experiments and activities, they will learn how to explore and discover cause and effect. 
  • Furthermore, they will also engage with practical life activities such as gardening, recycling, and nature walks. These activities allow them to use their senses and understand their role in the world. It stimulates the imagination and enhances their observation skills.

Preparing For the Next Step

Our Pre-kindergarten Curriculum prepares your child for the next step—Kindergarten. Children will develop an enhanced sense of independence and responsibility in doing tasks and play while enrolled in the program.

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