The toddler age range is crucial for the growth and development of children’s potential. Our Toddler Curriculum focuses on developing a trusting relationship between the teacher, children, and families. We guide children according to this framework through a variety of activities in a nurturing space.

Here, we incorporate fun activities to foster the necessary knowledge needed for your child’s development. Not only will they learn, but they would also have fun in the process. Your child will begin learning the alphabet through sound. This skill is one of the crucial steps needed in the distant future, especially when it comes to reading and writing. They will also know how to count and differentiate numbers. But aside from the alphabet and counting, they will also be able to recognize basic shapes and colors needed for pre-reading skills.
Activities that involve the use of our hands help in the development of your child’s fine motor skills. Doing so would allow them to foster the ability to use their gross motor skills like jumping and throwing later on. Through fun yet easy activities like stirring, digging, coloring, cutting, and gluing, your child develops precise eye-hand coordination and helps them learn how to control their hands, fingers, and thumbs.
We incorporate activities that help in building your child’s gross motor skills through their playtime. These skills are closely related to your child’s body awareness, reaction speed, balance, and strength. Simple activities like jumping, throwing, catching, and kicking allows them to gain the strength and confidence needed in their holistic development. They would recognize the significance of physical activity and having a healthy lifestyle. Fostering their gross motor skills also gives them the capacity to engage in more complex operations in the distant future.
As early as now, your children need the necessary skills developed through learning language and math. These two subjects are interrelated, but they also give your children an added advantage to their peers. Learning a language allows them to become better communicators and understand complex passages and questions. Meanwhile, studying math helps them foster better problem-solving skills and to become analytical thinkers later on.
An essential math skill your children needs is to understand the concept of the calendar. Here, we will teach them the difference between the days of the week and the months of the year. We will also educate them about common weather patterns.
We expose your children to art and music to nurture their language and reading skills. By giving them opportunities to create art, they get to incorporate their basic knowledge of colors and shapes. It also gives them the ability to interact with the world and to foster their self-expression and communication. Meanwhile, music ignites your child’s intellectual, social-emotional, and motor skills.

Your Child's Path To A Holistic Development

Our job aims to foster not only your child’s social-emotional and language ability, but also their cognitive, perpetual, and motor skills. Through our pre-school program, they get to recognize and reach their maximum potential while enjoying the process.

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